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The basic values behind the shop are good quality products

The idea of letting the customer design their own candleholders has been a long time coming, but finally in 2020 the first candlesholders could be seen in small local stores and webshops in Denmark and aborad. The concept behind the candleholders is constantly being developed, so if you have already bought a candleholder or two, remember to keep an eye out for news. If you are a retailer, we will of course inform you through our newsletters.

The basic values behind the shop are good quality products at reasonable prices, and a service that makes customers want to return. Our range is sold via dealers in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Germany and France, who can offer the products in larger or smaller selections.

6 good reasons to sell My-Candle
1. You get a completely unique product

Our candleholders can be designed in many different color and combinations. Exchange dinner candle holders to tealights and vice versa. The beads can be mixed as the customer wishes- and tops and beads can be purchased seperatly - which gives additional sales.

2. Sell in your own design, or let customer make their own creations.

You decide whether you want to let the customer put together their own candleholders or whether you want to sell them in ready-made sets that you have put together yourself.

3. Guidance and help

We are always ready with help and guidance, as well as the best possible customer service, and respond to emails within 24 hours.

4. We help on social media

We work with influencers and others on social media, and we do everything we can to bring the retailers to people's attention, as it is you who do the greatest work in selling the goods. You will be listed as dealers on our website from day 1.

5. Danish Design

The design is our very own. The concept of being able to change colors according to the home's interior, seasons, events and holidays is constantly evolving, and we prefer to put our energy into developing and purchasing products that can be combined in colors and style.

6. Marketing materials available

When we take photos of new lineups, new combinations, new colors, etc., our edited material is made freely available to dealers.

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Become a retailer

We are always looking for new dealers of our range.

If you have a nice store where our candleholders will fit perfectly into the range, please contact us.