Terms and conditions for dealers.

Terms and conditions for trade with the following undertakings:

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Forms of payment:


Payment terms:

Payment terms are stated on invoice.

However, the first order as a retailer must always be paid in advance before the goods are shipped.

Minimum amount pr order equal to 250 EUR/250 USD. Sales outside Denmark is based on ex work terms. We can help to arrange shipments based on invidivual agreements.





We ship to the company’s address, unless otherwise agreed.

Delivery time- Usually shipped within two to five working days of ordering if the order is received before 17:00 on weekdays.

It is the recipient’s responsibility to check that the sent goods match the corresponding invoice. If My-Candle does not receive a request from the recipient within 3 working days of receipt, the shipment is considered complete and subsequently no objections can be made to missing products.

Complaint handling

We sell products that are unique in color and design. There will always be some kind of color variation as well as minor deviations in sizes of especially the ceramic products. As a rule, we do not accept complaints on the above. Broken, clearly deformed, scratched, or not compatible products, we always replace, against documentation in the form of photos and description. In some cases, we may request the goods to be returned for inspection before accepting the complaint.

You must complain within a “reasonable time” after you discover the error. If you complain within 5 working days of receipt that the error has been discovered, the complaint will always be timely.

In our sole discretion, we may choose to exchange the goods or issue a credit note on the amount of the complaint.

Return of goods.

If goods are to be returned, this can only be done by prior agreement. Items returned for various reasons will only be credited or exchanged after these have been inspected by the recipient. It is the Sender’s responsibility to ensure that the goods returned do not suffer damage / further damage during transport. If shipping damage occurs or the goods are received as used not usable for resale, it is My-Candle that estimates the final value of the item for credit.

Application and protection of the My-Candle brand.

My-candle candleholders may not, without the written consent of My-candle, be physically built together with other materials and exhibited or sold as such. This is to protect the “My-candles” brand, avoid legal action and not to create confusion among retailers and consumers. It is also not allowed to deliberately remove/hide or alter the My-Candle logo on the candleholders. If this occurs, we reserve the right to terminate the cooperation with immediate effect. As a rule, the remaining stock at the dealer in question will not be returned.

Revised on February 22. 2022